Throughout his college career, Matt Lenyo spent as much time outside working with sea animals at zoos as he did inside the classrooms at Colorado State University.

lenyo2Lenyo, 22, will graduate this week with a double major in biology and theatre. The Monfort Scholar was one of four students chosen for the scholarship honor in his freshman class.

During his academic career, he served internships at the Denver Zoo and the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Wash. During his internships, Lenyo observed and learned a wide range of marine mammal training and handling techniques and how to care for the animals.  After working with sea lions, walruses and beluga whales, Lenyo hopes to one day pursue a career involving marine mammals.

In addition to being a Monfort Scholar, he was a member of the Peer Mentor team for the Colorado State Honors Program for two years.

About the Monfort Scholars

The Monfort Scholars program, established by the late Kenny Monfort and his wife, Myra, in 1999, was created to offer annual full scholarships to Colorado’s top students. Monfort Scholars are some of Colorado State’s pre-eminent scholarship recipients, and 20 students per year benefit from these prestigious scholarships and awards. Scholarship graduates have put their skills to work and are counted among leaders in the local, national and global communities. Scholarship recipients receive full tuition and fees, a room-and-board stipend and a book allowance for four years. Selection of scholars is based on superior scholastic ability, leadership, service to community and school and outstanding character.